The little bags

The Little Bags

Spoon sweet little bag

Sour cherry spoon sweet & quince spoon sweet A traditional and dainty Greek custom is the offering of spoon...
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Yummie little bag

Black-eyed beans with tahini & Grilled manouri cheese with quince These appetizers will make your day...
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All of Greece little bag 100% organic farming

Organic extra virgin olive oil from Thassos, organic Kalamata olives, organic honey with saffron...
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Tomato & olive little bag

Jumbo green olives from Halkidiki & Sun-dried tomatoes from Tinos The history behind these olive trees goes...
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Ouzo mezes little bag

Ouzo Pitsiladi from Lesvos , baked beans, Slow-cooked chickpeas This is a very special and limited production...
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Mastic delight Flapbox

Liqueur Mastic tears & traditional vanilla sweet Elegant aromatic mastic spirit liqueur with a sweet...
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